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California A Thread Above Quilt Studio
Adorable office manager and quality control.
Current computer editor

This is our 8-yr old Pup, Oscar.  He's my trusty companion. mostly wherever I am, Oscar is sure to be close by....(he's actually watching me type at the keyboard, he thinks he's quality control).  He IS a little bossy!

About Us

 I grew up with my great-grandmother, grandmother and mother piecing & sewing quilts.  Not only was it a social event, it was a great memory story of what my cousins and I wore year after year.  I loved laying on a quilt and remembering what outfit was made out of certain fabrics and who wore it. ~

  Quilts are not made so much out of necessity nowadays; but they still are made to be treasured memories. .......


  Our home is in the Central Sierra Mountains approximately 35 minutes south of Yosemite National Park and we love the peacefulness and slower pace of life. 


  I'm an avid fabric horder, always dreaming up quilts to make and when I get a chance, I actually make quilts myself!  I started quilting my own quilts on my domestic sewing machine and because I'm seriously practical, I always made quilts big enough to fit a bed.  This is doable, but most certainly challenging.  Fast forward to several years later there are now TWO longarm machines and an awesome computerized quilting system plus a daughter who also now owns a longarm machine. 

 My daughter, Liz, has an MFA in art and loves color, fabrics & designs.   She has moved back to the mountains with her husband and is joining the business!!! 


  We both love the process of finding the right design whether it be an edge to edge all over design or a custom design for a quilt.  There's always a new challenge around the corner and we love knowing there will always be more.

                  The best part of this business.......we get to hang out with each other & quilters!

Custom quiltingg to the Coastal Lily Quilt
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